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מעט עליי

About me


I am a senior Shiatsu therapist, practicing the method for over a decade.

I Studied at ‘Maga’ school for Zen-shiatsu in Jerusalem, and am currently serving as administrative director and part of the institute’s board members. I practice and teach Kitaido.

I see health as a product of inner and outer freedom of movement within our world. I would like to open the door for you, leading to a new space – mental, emotional, physical – an opportunity of being in touch with as many of your life’s sources of energy as possible, and being supported by them. 


For this purpose, I use two worlds of effective tools:

Shiatsu – will help you relieve tension in your life and support your mindbody’s recovery, your inner movement balance and deepen, and your ability to create a foundation for a better life. 


Kitaido movement – stretching and moving your body consciously will allow you to balance the mindbody’s day-to-day hardships, and nourish your life.



טיפול שיאצו לרגל


Shiatsu is a healing method originated in Japan, relying on and stemming from ancient Chinese and Japanese traditions, both are thousands of years old. 


The philosophical roots of the method are in ancient Chinese medicine work. Throughout the years the knowledge and principles were fitted to the modern times, through the Zen-Shiatsu.


Zen-Shiatsu aspires to give a holistic, deep, and broad response to every aspect of the human life, with touch. The touch used within the sessions is supportive, present, and balanced, inviting the receiver to be contained as they are, as a whole – both vitalities and pains. Thus, it helps support the body and soul, develop natural, spontaneous and benefiting movement, in order to grow.

קיטאידו עם חרב מעץ (בוקוטו)


Kitaido is a relatively young method of movement and martial-art. It combines precision and control with spontaneousness and creative freedom.


Therefore, it challenges us to our limits, and yet dissolving the tension of effort with the spirit of play


"I came to Eran out of a decision to take better care of myself. Eran enables a space of true rest – where I could feel things getting back in place, quiet filling me, and I can arrive just as I am. Eran’s peace, humility, and ability to see me, help this magic happen. I am truly grateful and highly recommend."

Sigal Mor

"Dearest, charming Eran! Anyone who will be your patient will receive a therapist with magic hands and a huge heart!!! Your unique ability to sense what is bothering, what’s painful, squeaking and screeching in the body or soul without me even saying anything, is a tremendous gift to the world. Thank you, thank you thank you for everything you have done for me, for that time slot every week that allowed me to set and let go of hardships and pains. During these times, I especially appreciate how important touch is, to every single human being. Thank you for everything."

Na'ama Gershon

"I very much recommend coming to Eran for treatment. He enables a safe, attentive and supportive healing space, which helped me a lot during a hard time of separation and grief. Thank you Eran."

Sivan Eljam

"Eran is a gentle, devoted, attentive and helpful therapist. His studio is always inviting and pleasant and it’s so much fun to come for a session, every time. Highly recommend."

Yoav Mizrachi

"I reached out to Earn during a physical and mental breakdown. Eran gave me a series of treatments, that basically saved me in a very difficult time in my life. Eran listened to my needs and knew how to help me even if I said nothing. From the moment you step into his space until you leave, the feeling is of peace, good energy and containment. Thank you Earn. I highly recommend!"

Eyal Mordechai

"Eran contains a beautiful harmony of wisdom, power, gentleness and deep listening. He uses all of the tools he has learned and practices, in order to be deeply attentive to the body, catch it’s deep underlying needs, and answer them. Sometimes it feels as if, without me saying anything, Eran heard my body’s call and moved his touch to where it was most needed, with precision. If you go to receive a session with him (and you should), ask him to share a bit of his inner world view in addition to the touch. You won’t be disappointed."

Tchelet Zohar



Eran Karnieli


17 Hizkiyahu HaMelech Jerusalem


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