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טיפול שיאצו לאזור החזה בקליניקה. ערן קרניאלי

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is an elegant form of healing art, based on Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine theories and practices, aiming for a deep and significant connection of the person themselves. The Shiatsu encounter has a deep essence to it, allowing true rest and a fertile ground for healing and recovering of the body, mind and soul.


What does Shiatsu look and feel like?

The session is held lying down on a simple and traditional futon mattress, laid on the floor. Shiatsu uses conscious touch in association areas? all over the body. The quality of the touch is supportive, present, attentive and deep. The session is held in full, comfortable clothing.

שיאצו לאזור הגב והסקרום

What can Shiatsu help with?

The Shiatsu encounter cultivates the patient’s vitality and awakens their deep needs and desires, so they can be met within the session itself, and outside of it. This is the reason Shiatsu can help many of the manifestations of the human suffering: from physical pain to emotional distress, and even illnesses affecting the body’s internal systems such as breathing, blood, hormonal balance, the digestive system and others. 


Who is Shiatsu for?

Shiatsu was made to fit all human being, big or small, from babies to the golden ages. It is significantly helpful for women before, during and after birth. Every session and every patient require different treatments, and so naturally a teenager will receive a completely different experience than a toddler or a pregnant woman, etc.

שיאצו לאזור העורף והצוואר

The process

The process happening in the clinic has to definite beginning and end, as it is connected to a greater harmonious energy cycle with an endless deepening potential, and not to linear goals. However, upon entering a session of a process, I will discuss with you the central reason you seek this treatment (physical, emotional, etc.), and as this particular issue comes to a resolution, we will talk again and see if the time has come for separation, or a change of focus to fit you as you are now. For the most part, patients come once a week for a session, but that varies according to your need. I might suggest higher or lower frequency, all while viewing your life from an ecological point of view, and holding a shared responsibility for the process.

Shiatsu and me

I have been practicing Shiatsu daily for over 10 years, accompanying people of all types during different stages of their lives. Unresolved pain, a feeling of loss, depression and anxiety or just as a support for their day-to-day life – Shiatsu is a source for grounding, balancing, refreshing and dissolving the tension that tends to come with human life.



Eran Karnieli
17 Hizkiyahu HaMelech St. Jerusalem


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